Hello world!

This is going to be our blog to keep everybody up to date on current events that surround our wedding. Maybe get some ideas from our guest and whatever else we decide to blog about. I didn’t really like any of the “Wedding” Sites out there and decided a blog was more us. I love talking and give me the chance to talk about my wedding then so be it!

I decided that I wanted a fall wedding so that came in to helping decide a date. My brother is currently going to be deployed to Quaid (not sure spelling) in November so I wanted to have my wedding before he leaves.  He is currently station in Oklahoma so it would be so much more easier for him to get here than him being in a different country. So that is how we came up with the date September 24, 2011.

How Cody asked me to marry him: Well I knew it was coming when he told me I had to get my ring finger sized so I can’t say I wasn’t as surprised. Also, when the black friday sale had a huge mark down at JC Penny sale and when he found out after he got home for work he had to leave. Hmm.. I had my suspicions. Just didn’t know when or where or how.  So December 15th he comes home from leaving after he got a mysterious phone call saying what he ordered was in. He hides the ring. He doesn’t tell me what he had to pick up though. He hides it comes out and ask me if I want to know what he got. Myself being nosy and curious all the time of course needed to know.  So he tells me I have to find it, but I at least can ask if I am hot or cold! I eventually found it in a drawer that we never use. After, I find it and open it he asks me to marry him. I am pretty sure everybody can figure out what I said.

Tomorrow: Where we are going to get married and have the reception. Maybe some diy products that we are planning on doing!

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