Wedding Update

Saturday, My Mom, My Maid of Honor (my cousin Jen), and friends of the family that we’ve known forever came over to my moms house to start the planning o the wedding! We went over so many details that by the end of the day my head was spinning with food and decorations.

Shaun didn’t mind since he played with his cousin Mason and the son of our friend Damian. He was tuckered out though by the end of the day!

We decided on bouquets, decorations for the wedding and the reception. We discussed who is doing what and who is calling who. Thanks to everybody that helped. We even decided what our buffet at the reception will have on it. Which that is what I am so far going to share with you. I will share the decorations with you guys later as we make them since we are having pretty much a diy wedding.

Now the food somebody suggest Turkey so the first thing that pops into my head Thanksgiving. So we are having a Thanksgiving style buffet.  So the buffet will have the following:

  • Turkey or Chicken Breast which ever is the cheapest at the time
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Gravy
  • Corn
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Candid Yams
  • Bread Stuffing
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Fruit Tray
  • Veggie Tray
  • Regular Salad with trimmings on the side so guest can add what they like themselves
  • Rolls
  • Cookie Tray
  • and Possibly couple Pies!

I am so excited about this. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because of the feast we get to enjoy and what a great meal to have on my wedding day a great big feast! Plus I think you can’t go wrong with a Thanksgiving inspired meal and everybody should enjoy it!


Next Post: If I remember I’ll try and take a picture of our save the dates and share how I got them!

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