Save the Dates

I just mailed out a bunch of Save the Dates. I didn’t get to mail out all of them because I ran out of stamps. Every time I try to think of who to invite and what not. I always feel like I am forgetting somebody. Or Should I invite this person even if they don’t live in the same state as us. Or do I invite my whole entire family, even the ones I haven’t seen in a while. I’m sure it would be nice to invite them but I am not crazy about having more and more people show up. I do believe the reception site only holds 150 and I am having an outside wedding. So I guess as long as I stay with in that margin I should be fine. However, I always feel bad when I think about somebody. I am just so unsure on who to invite. And who would actually want to come. Granted I am not sure I really know anybody that would want to turn down free food and music. Plus cake!

Just one of those other wedding things that make you think. I think I will stick with who I am originally invited with the save the dates. When it gets closer to mailing out the invites if there is seriously anybody else that I think would like to come and be invited I will mail them one. Or if you do want to come and don’t know if I am going to be inviting you because you weren’t sent a facebook invite thing. Let me know. I will gladly invite you. It is just so easy to lose track of everybody. No matter how many times I write up the list.

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